Now you can ‘Slide into DMs’ on the big screen

After testing out the DM feature on the desktop since January this year, Instagram is finally making this feature available to all desktops across the globe. With this change, your Instagram homepage on the desktop will look more like your phone with latest stories featured on the top and Home, DMs, Discover, Notifications and Profile featured on the top right corner.

Is this a welcome change? Well, most definitely! With more and more users favouring Instagram over other social media platforms daily, communication over DMs is on the rise. Instagram’s unique characteristic was that some of its essential features were accessible only through the phone, but this massive change is bound to bring about a change in the ballgame.

Especially for marketers who use Instagram DMs frequently to reach out to their existing and potential follower base, sending messages will now become quicker and easier. Accounts will now be able to send out private DMs as well as create groups on the desktop for bulk messaging. One feature of Instagram still not available on the desktop is video calling. With popular platforms such as Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype used widely for video calling, Instagram may not need to join in on the bandwagon. But if it does decide to introduce video calling on the desktop in the future, it may lead to an interesting change and leverage its popularity to another level.

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