How to generate leads using Linkedin

linkedin lead generation

If you are in the B2B business, you are well aware that Linkedin is one of the most powerful and effective tools for B2B lead generation. However, not all B2B marketers and sales guys are well-versed with its usage and often struggle to get the best leads out of it. We interact with a lot of Marketing and Sales Heads on a daily basis and have learnt a fair bit about their set of challenges when it comes to B2B lead generation.

So here are some simple rules you can begin with:

Check your Linkedin profile everyday:

This rule of thumb will help you stay alert about the new connections on your profile, the comments, tags, etc. Daily activity will also help Linkedin know that you are not a bot or not there to spam. Bots or automation may work with Linkedin to a certain extent but its true potential can only be achieved through manual efforts.

Start with your personal profile:

A precise, updated and clean profile will ensure your prospects that you mean business. Based on your role in the organization and the decision makers you are reaching out to, make sure that you have a relevant bio with suitable headings and keywords. This will help increase your profile’s credibility and increase chances of people accepting your connection request. Next, get a professional profile pic. A decent picture wearing a formal shirt or suit, taken from a straight-facing angle will do.  

Know your exact target audience and geographies:

Without a proper roadmap and communication strategy in place, all you would be doing is using the spray-and-pray-method of outreach. Make sure that you have a clear idea of the product or service offering you are selling and the exact decision makers responsible for it. You may not always want to reach out to the C-Suite guys. Put together a list of the top two or three decision makers, who are most relevant to your business and reach out only to them.

Have precise messaging:

This is one of the trickiest aspects of selling. A clean, concise and intriguing elevator pitch is what will help you take your conversation to the next level. Whether you are using organic connection requests or your InMail credits, know that the people you are reaching out to get approached by plenty of sales and marketing people on a daily basis. So make sure your message is to the point and stands out.

Have a tight follow-up strategy:

Following up with a prospect you have already connected with is far easier than adding new prospects to your funnel. This is true at least till the time the loop is closed. Start with two rounds of follow-ups and keep five rounds as the limit. Have a target of minimum one follow up a week.

Have a dedicated resource:

Linkedin lead generation is a meticulous and research-based activity so it is important that you have a senior member of your team constantly working on it. Efficient processes, review meetings and correct strategies will help you get the best results and make the most out of Linkedin.

If you are short of resources or do not wish to invest in one for Linkedin, consider outsourcing the activity. We, at The First Fork, have a capable and efficient team of Marketing & Inside Sales experts, and can help you with all your branding and lead gen requirements. To know more, you can contact us here.

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