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Fitness Regiment

Fitness Regiment is a military-themed gym based out of Pune with army-style circuits conducted by ex-military personnel. Designed to look like a warehouse, the gym arena offers a variety of cardiovascular and strength training exercise programs which are designed based on the principles of military fitness.

Fitness Regiment

Founded by Rashmi Palande. a UAE certified Fitness Coach. Fitness Regiment embarks on the idea of raw. Intense outdoor training provided at a military level. There is nothing pretentious about it. All activities require thorough engagement of your mind and body. For every activity, you work not as an individual, but as a team. You are constantly channelizing your mental alertness, to achieve holistic fitness which leads to not just physical, but also mental well-being.

The gym encourages authentic army-style workout routines followed by soldiers. Inspired by military operations, the main purpose of fitness Regiment is to encourage a holistic way of life where one not just looks good but feels good by the healthy and positive environment created around them.

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