5 Amazing Networking Tips That Beat Business Cards

Are business cards dead? The answer, most definitely, is a YES. They have been for a while now. Efforts put into designing and printing business cards more often than not go in vain. Statistics show that almost 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they are exchanged. Not to mention the huge amount of paper wastage that goes with it.

With growth in digitization and the wider acceptance to virtual conversations, connections and meetings caused due to the global pandemic, it is important that you move on with the new trends and make the necessary changes to your small business too. So instead of sharing a business card with prospects, here are some alternatives you can resort to:

  1. Add them as a connection on LinkedIn:

Whether you first get in touch with them physically or virtually, connecting with them on LinkedIn is the best way to have them as a part of your professional network. You not only get to keep tab of the mutual connections you share with them but also get a platform to share new updates with them. These could be related to new changes within your company, new services/offerings, new team members, new clients and also case studies about how you are helping the brands you are partnering with.

  1. Get them to follow your social handles:

If at all you or they are not so adept with LinkedIn, get them to follow you on other social mediums. Your Instagram/Facebook page updates will keep you on top of their minds and they can reach out to you as and when a requirement arises at their end.

  1. Add them to your emailer list:

Emailers with relevant and catchy content sent at appropriate times and intervals can definitely help strike the right cords with prospects. However, be assured to not cross the fine line between reaching out and spamming. Few wrong moves here and there, and you can be blocked or moved to the spam folder forever making you miss all future opportunities with them.

  1. Get their contact number and stay connected on Whatsapp:

If you have hit it off with them correctly in the first conversation, the biggest CEOs and Directors are happy to share their digits with you and consider your proposition over Whatsapp messages since it is easy and quick. Again, make sure you are professional and do not send them anything they haven’t asked for to avoid getting off on the wrong foot.

  1. Share a digital business card with prospects:

Last but not the least, if none of the above work, begin by sharing a digital business card with them. This way, you are leaving an open door for them to get in touch with you as and when they want. Another important advantage of a digital business card is that it can be updated easily if you change your address, phone number, etc. without any wastage of paper.

Imbibing these activities into your daily work life will definitely help you build more personal, healthy and long term connections, thus increasing prospects and closures for your brand. For more details or assistance on any of these you can reach out to us on www.thefirstfork.com.

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