This lockdown has been difficult on everyone. It’s been a major roller-coaster of emotions for me right from feeling super-ambitious to super lousy, waking up with positive vibes to feeling like not moving from the bed from hours together. Excitement, rage, patience, anger, gratitude, love, it’s like a woolen ball being untied into a thread of wool, all in a span of 2 months. Here’s penning down a few thoughts about it which all of us can relate to and hoping for better days to come by soon.

50 days… of boredom

49 zoom calls… where I’d rather have met face to face

48 books… contemplated being read

47 salutations… given to the maid each day

46 curses… uttered for China each day

45 times… been awake till 4 am

44 times… opened Instagram each day

43 wishes… that this is just a bad dream

42 times… wondered whether 42 really is the answer to the universe

41 recipes… for cooking Maggi in different ways

40 Tiktok videos watched… yes, downloaded the app for real

39 Dalgona coffee attempts… ended up in thick cold coffee

38 Ludo games… to discover that green is definitely my lucky colour!

37 times… suppressed a craving for pani puri

36 imaginations… of how the day the lockdown ends would be

35 new songs… discovered

34 dreams… of sitting in a bar and sipping on a glass of chilled, brewed beer

33 credits… given to Karma daily

32 Maggi packets… consumed

31 mornings… missing breakfast due to waking up late

30 dress-ups… for grocery store visits

29 times… felt new found respect for influencers keeping our spirits up

28 videos… watched of people doing the #DontRush Challenge

27 afternoon naps

26 rehearsals (in my head)… about what I will wear when I first head out of the house

25 weird dreams… featuring people close to me

24 times… cursed the government after reading a shocking piece of news

23 times… uploaded a #throwback post on Instagram while dreaming about a vacation

22 phone conversations with friends… about experiments in the kitchen and their outcomes

21 shop visits… in search of Cocoa Powder

20 times… missed my daily home workout

19 times… rearranged my cupboard

18 elaborate discussions with friends… about an imaginary vacation this year

17 sleepless nights

16 amazing new recipes created in the kitchen

15 realizations about the arrangement of things in the kitchen, which I had no clue about before

14 hair-cut proposals to dad… leading to one final successful attempt

13 car drives… along my favourite places around the neighbourhood

12 days… of being snappy and grumpy throughout the day

11 hours… of non-stop sleeping on some days

10 intellectual conversations… with mom about life, relationships and everything under the sun

9 minutes… at 9 pm because we’re all puppets of this wonderful government

8 times… the lockdown gave me a reason to be happy

7 epic… corona anthems discovered

6 packs… the number of abs I wanted to have by mid-2020

5 (failed) attempts… at drawing a sketch

4 hours… of scrolling through LinkedIn each day, networking with potential clients

3 times… contemplated becoming an influencer

2 hours… of sleep on some days

1 day at a time… living in the hope of normalcy and happy times!

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